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School D.A.T.A. - Audit Script

November 30, 2012

Here's the link to the DIS Audit Script ftp://disftp.state.ar.us/pub/SchoolDATAdocs. I used Group Policy to push it out and modified the script under Seection B to mapp the drive first since it didn't care for UNC paths...


Description of Script: The script, when executed, collects base information about the pc. The small file, less than 1kb, is uploaded to the DIS FTP server from the workstation. The script runs silently to the user, and takes less than 8 seconds to execute. 

The following information will be reported: Computer Name, MAC Address, Bios Information, CPU, Operating System Version, Network Cards.


If there are concerns regarding degradation of network bandwidth, please call the call center, and request assistance. Refer to the ticket number that was provided in the email, for all inquiries regarding School D.A.T.A. Assessment issues.


Microsoft Environment Installation


· The Scripts must be run from a mapped drive letter. The scripts will not execute properly if run from a UNC path. See the lines below for examples.

Mapped Drive = F:\Public\PCAudit\PCAuditor.VBS

UNC Path = \\Server\Sys\Public\PCAudit\PCAuditor.VBS


Section A – Installing files onto Server/Assigning File Rights

1. On a mapped network drive, create a folder called PCAudit. Make sure that either Domain Users or Authenticated Users has Read, List, and Read & Execute to the PCAudit folder.

2. Copy files from ftp://disftp.state.ar.us/pub/TechAssessmentScripts/ to the folder called PCAudit.

3. After the files are copied to Drive:\PCAudit, double-click on the PCAuditor.vbs file.

4. When prompted, enter the District LEA#. You will see that an Audits folder and a settings.ini file are created.

5. Right-click on the Audits folder and make sure that either Domain Users or Authenticated Users have Modify rights to the folder.

Section B – Login Script Modification

If you are running a conventional DOS Batch for your login script, please add the lines below to the end of your batch file(s).


IF "%OS%"=="Windows_NT" GOTO NTAUDIT








If you have an “EXIT” statement at the end of your login script, please make sure that it remains the last line.


· If additional assistance is needed, please call the DIS Call Center @ 1.800.435.7989, Option #3. Please reference your HEAT ticket # for the School D.A.T.A. Assessment. This ticket number will be in the initial email that was sent to your district that contained the download location for these instructions.

School D.A.T.A. - Audit Script

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