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Excel 2007 remains open after clicking X

When you work on a workbook in Excel 2007, then click the "Red X" (which is really a red BOX with a WHITE "X" but most of us call it the "Red X" anyway), Excel remains open and you have to click the "X" again to close the program.

There are two ways to cure this, and each has its positives and negatives.  It it up to each person to decide what they can or cannot live with.

Method Number 1: In Excel, click the Office Button, then "Excel Options," then "Advanced."  Look for "Display" section.  In there, UNCHECK the box labeled "Show all windows in the Taskbar."  This will let Excel close whenever the "X" is clicked.  The downside?  Now all your workbooks will appear in one tab on the Taskbar.

Method Number 2: Click START (or the MS Button for Vitsa/Win7), and do an advanced search for "Personal.xls"  Note: You will have to search for HIDDEN/SYSTEM files and folders in your search options. You may NOT HAVE a Personal.xls file, in which case, use the first option.  The downside? If you have any macros that run on startup, you will lose those by deleting your Personal.xls/Personal.xlsb file(s).

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