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IPK-II Voicemail Forwarding and other helpful info

April 16, 2015

These are some helpful hints I found. The following can pertain to any IPK-II system, but have been specifically edited for local use. Any questions should be directed to the SWAEC Technology Coordinator. Q. My phone doesn't go to . . . read more Feedback

IPK-II Admin Guide, Voicemail Reset, Speed Dial, Clock, etc

July 24, 2014

The IPK-II Admin Guide provides information regarding Clock, Voicemail reset, Speed Dial, Company Greetings, etc. IPK-II Admin Guide read more

Direct Links and Shortened URLs for SWAEC

Here are direct links for the buttons on the co-op main page: /?show=State%20Required%20Information /?show=Professional%20Development /?show=Departments /?show=Shop%20SWAEC . . . read more

NEC IPK-II Phone with VoiceMail Card

March 17, 2014

If the VoiceMail card on your IPK-II system quits working after a power outage, there is a "fix" for it. Please note that I nor SWAEC will be held responsible for any corrupt or lost data. The information provided here is for information . . . read more

Problem printing to IP printers

March 17, 2014

Recently, I expanded our IP range via subnet masking. I changed switches, printers, etc. to match. Everything seemed to be working.   This morning, people couldn't print to, but they could ping, the IP printers.   Turns . . . read more

Delete Songs Right From iPod/iPhone/iPad

June 20, 2013

You can delete songs directly from the Music app on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, provided your device is running iOS 5 or newer. Launch the Music app Scroll through your list. When you find the one you want to remove, slide . . . read more Feedback

Back Up Your Google Apps Docs for ALL Users

May 6, 2013

This VERY handy utility showed up in an email discussion about backing up Google Apps documents.  Check this out (Free Opensource Google Docs Backup for yourself or for your entire Google Apps Domain):  . . . read more Feedback

IPK-II Phone - Can hear caller, but they can't hear me - Speakerphone

Problem: "When talking on the speaker phone, I can hear the person on the other end, but they can't hear me." Solution: Microphone is probably turned off. Check to see if the light on the lower right hand side of the phone above the . . . read more Feedback

iOS Device will not come on or will not stay on (iPad, iPod, iPhone)

February 11, 2013

If your iOS device won't turn on or it doesn't seem to want to stay on, there are a couple of things you can try.  Try these in the order presented: Hold both the home button and the power button (also called the "wake/suspend . . . read more Feedback

iOS Device will not come on or will not stay on (iPad, iPod, iPhone)

February 11, 2013

If your iOS device won't turn on or it doesn't seem to want to stay on, there are a couple of things you can try. Try these in the order presented: Hold both the home button and the power button (also called the "wake/suspend . . . read more Feedback

Cannot get online or access internet sites after malware removal

One computer managed to get infected with a fake Windows Security Alert malware program.  After using Malwarebytes to clean it, the machine still would not display web pages (in ANY application: IE, Safari for Win, Firefox, Opera). . . . read more Feedback

Cannot print from Windows in parallels

Are you having trouble printing from Windows inside Parallels on a Mac?  This might solve the problem:   First, make sure Parallels has installed the printer in Windows.  If not, then you will need to run the installation . . . read more Feedback

Connect your Mac to a Windows Share

If you are having trouble getting your Mac to see a particular server or share on your network, you might want to first check your DNS server(s) if you are running them. If you are not running a local DNS server, and you cannot access your . . . read more Feedback

CSS Code makes IE9 Vertical Scroll Bars Disappear

I had an issue where the vertical scroll bars (only in IE9) disappeared on me.   It took forever to figure out the problem, but ultimately, it boiled down to this:   I had copied a portion of a Google Docs Spreadsheet . . . read more Feedback

Exchange 2003 Queue Fills Up With Entries

If your Exchange server mail queue fills up with a bunch of entries, you are mostly under some kind of DNR attack or you may have a machine on site generating spam. The easiest way to determine which problem you have, go into your Exchange . . . read more Feedback

Force Moodle to show course descriptions

We ran into an issue where course descriptions were no longer displayed if the number of courses in any given category reached 10. I tried playing with various settings, and nothing worked. Supposedly, this is an option in Moodle 2.2. As of . . . read more Feedback

Full-time Single-Spacing in Word 2007

When you press the ENTER key in a Word document, you may notice that your cursor skips a line. There are two ways to handle this: Before you press ENTER, hold the SHIFT key on your keyboard and while holding it, then press ENTER. This . . . read more Feedback

Mac OS X Boot to Single-User Mode USB Keyboard

I had to boot one of our iMacs into Single-User mode using the Command-S during start-up.  The problem is that the (ahem) Mac wouldn't recognize the keyboard (a Mac keyboard no less) until the system booted.    . . . read more Feedback 1

QuestionMark Secure Browser

Many of the area schools use QuestionMark's Secure Browser, but over time may forget where to get it.  Here is a link that will help get you started: http://questionmark.com/secure read more

Use POWERCFG.EXE to set power management options

POWERCFG is the command-line utility (comes with Windows by default) that lets you modify your power management settings.  Your best source of help is to run POWERCFG /? From a command prompt, but here is how I put it into . . . read more Feedback

Use SETX to programmatically set environment variables

SETX allows you to set environment variables at the command-line (ex: APSCNGUI).  In the case of APSCNGUI, once you run the SETX batch file, you do not have to reboot after installing the GUI!  This also works for other . . . read more Feedback

Using ExploreLearning's Gizmos with Mac and Safari

This helpful hint was sent in by Tracie Thomas, one of our area technology folks!   The site wants you to download shockwave player, but you have to use the full package instead of the slim . . . read more Feedback

Active Directory Integrity and Repair

One of my area schools was having strange problems - some users could not log in, some users got logged in but could not access their redirected home folders, and some users were prompted multiple times while trying to open Outlook. I . . . read more Feedback

Add XP shared printer to a Vista machine - Access Denied Error

This post focuses on a scenario in which a Windows XP machine is sharing a printer over the local area network and a Vista machine is trying to add that shared printer but is receiving an "Access Denied" error message. First, make sure . . . read more Feedback

Apache won't load and/or Groupwise Web Access fails? Try this!

I ran into an issue at one district where Apache2 would not stay loaded.  After messing with .conf files, rebooting, you name it, the solution came from an unexpected place: server certificates! For whatever reason, the . . . read more Feedback

APSCN Plus will not export to Excel

I had a situation in which a user could not export data to Excel with the APSCN-Plus program.  After some troubleshooting, the problem was caused by a temporary folder not being created upon installation of the program. After you . . . read more Feedback

Cannot delete .GWI file from desktop

A user had dragged a message from Groupwise onto the desktop, thinking it wuold save a copy of the message.  Instead, it created a .GWI file that would do nothing.  When the user tried to delete it, it wuld not delete and instead . . . read more Feedback

Create your own distribution lists in Google Apps/GMail

To create your own distribution list in Google Apps/GMail: Click "Contacts" at the top of the page. Click the "+" on the picture of the TWO people (located beneath the words "Google apps" on left, above "My Contacts") . . . read more Feedback

ExploreLearning Gizmos Shockwave Movie Error

If your users receive an error message when trying to play Shockwave-based lessons on ExploreLearning, try the following:      Use the Adobe Shockwave Uninstaller to remove any instances of Shockwave on your . . . read more Feedback

Find your UNREAD mail in GMail or Google Apps

If you want to pull up just your UNREAD messages, you can do a search for is:unread in the seach box at the top of your email screen.  This also works inside specific labels, too!  For me, the easiet way to find unread mail . . . read more Feedback

GMail set-up problems (iPhones)

One of our users could not add her GMail account to her iPhone.  The system kept saying that the password or username was incorrect. We logged into her account through the web and everything was fine.  It just didn't work on . . . read more Feedback

Install Vinelands-II on Windows 7 (or Vista)

To install on Vista/Windows 7: 1. COPY the Vineland-II folder to the local computer. 2. RIGHT-CLICK "Setup" and choose Properties 3. Choose the Compatibility tab 4. Select "Windows XP Service Pack 3" 5. DOUBLE-CLICK "Setup" As a . . . read more Feedback

Internet Explorer Goes Nowhere

We had a user who could check email and do other network-related activities, but could not use Internet Explorer to do anything through a browser. After much searching, I found the culprit: In the TOOLS > INTERNET OPTIONS . . . read more Feedback

IP Printing from a Mac

If you are trying to print to an IP-based print server, you may need to specify the port in addition to the IP address. In the box for the address, add a colon followed by the port number. In many cases, the port is 9100, so your address line . . . read more Feedback

iPod Touch TV Shows do not appear on device

So, you've purchased a TV Show or two (or ten) from the iTunes Store, and you need to sync them to your iPod Touch. Should be easy right? Well, maybe not. There are two ways to sync TV Shows to the Touch. The first is to click on the device . . . read more Feedback

Kill the "Error in SYSFADER.EXE" crash!

Sometimes, when visiting a web page, Internet Explorer will crash with some kind of "SYSFADER.EXE" error.  Here are steps to prevent that from happening again: First:    Open Task Manager (hold the . . . read more Feedback

Make your GMail act like Outlook with Labels, Filters, and Archive

Is your GMail Inbox overloaded with messages?  Have you tried using labels for your mail, but you find yourself buries in a cluttered Inbox anyway?  Here is one way to keep that Inbox clean without missing mail! By using . . . read more Feedback

Network path in the command prompt

I spend a lot of time at the command prompt in Windows. I'm an old DOS guy, and frankly some things are easier at the command line than they are clicking and dragging things all over the place. While poking around the 'net, I came across a . . . read more Feedback

Office 2007 "Invalid Location" error during install

While upgrading several machines to Office 2007, I ran across one machine that stopped the install and asked for the location of a certain .cab file.  I knew it was on the install CD, so I pointed the dialog box to the right location, . . . read more Feedback

Outlook Web Access and a "hidden" Navigation Pane

We had a user that opened up Outlook Web Access and all she could see was her Inbox.  She could use the drop-down to change folders, but the Navigation Pane was gone. I searched the Internet for a solution and several suggested . . . read more Feedback 5

PDF shows only grey boxes instead of pictures

An ongoing issue with PDFs lately revolve around certain PDFs showing grey placeholders instead of actual images.  I have read all kinds of solutions to this, changing all kinds of settings.  Some of those changes would work, . . . read more Feedback

People sending you .HCR files you can't open!?

.HCR files are usually created with Broderbund's PrintMaster program.  Here's the kick - you generally have to go to your local mega retailer and buy the program to open the card the other person made for you. Now, personally, I'd . . . read more Feedback

Powerpoint Slideshow a “No Go”

We had a user with an automatically-playing Powerpoint slideshow that wouldn't automatically play. It also would not manually play. That's right, the first slide would come up and that was as far as one could get.   You could . . . read more Feedback

Remove WiFi from Dell Control Point on Dell Laptops

I prefer to use Windows Wireless Configuration, and cannot stand third-party apps trying to muscle in on my WiFi. Dell laptops ship with a beastl;y application called "Control Point" that tries to take over all your connections. . . . read more Feedback

RichCopy: Microsoft’s File Copy Gem

Microsoft had (or maybe still has) a command line utility called "RoboCopy" that would copy files and folders, retaining their permissions (within same domain/workgroup).   That has been replaced (some time ago actually) by a . . . read more Feedback 1

SuccessMaker asks for CD to be inserted

I ran into a situation where SuccessMaker would allow the students to log in but when they wanted to use one of the installed apps, the program would prompt for the CD.  The school is running the Enterprise Edition of the software, so . . . read more Feedback

Switch between built-in sound and Smart Board sound

I had a user that needed to switch between a headset for Skyping and the audio on the Smart Board.  While there is not a simple one-click solution that I know, changing the settings is not TOO bad: In Control Panel, Audio/Sound: . . . read more Feedback

Turn off "Conversation View" in Google Apps

Are you losing messages because GMail likes to keep things together by conversation (mail subject)?  Well, here is how you can fix that in Google Apps:    Log in to your Google Apps GMail account . . . read more Feedback

User cannot delete offline folder in My Documents

Problem Description and explanation: User's laptop had accidentally shut off the wireless adapter.  Wireless adpater has hardware switch on side of laptop. Tech engaged the adapter, user connected, but still got the error. . . . read more Feedback

Voicemail Light Flashes But No Message

User has voicemail light flashing and display reads: MSG >>> SOMENAME      Press the "EXIT" soft key (top row, leftmost button)    Press button for "MW"    Press . . . read more Feedback

Windows Moodle Email STARTTLS error - fixed!

The Windows Moodle package is a great, easy way to get Moodle up and running on a Windows machine. The downside? Setting up email is a pain in the rump.  It didn't have to be. The problem we had was one where the SMTP server would . . . read more Feedback

Windows screen upside-down or sideways?

If you suddenly find yourself looking at your desktop sideways or it is upside down, chances are you've run into a "feature" built-in to several graphics card software. The easy fix is to hold CTRL-ALT and while holding those, press one . . . read more Feedback

Decipher an unknown text file with Wintext

I had a user with a file that had a WPD extension. Normally, this would be a WordPerfect file that could easily be opened in Microsoft Office or Open Office or a myriad of other programs.  Nothing worked.  Instead, all we got was . . . read more Feedback

Easily Create Block Quotes in Word 2007

There seem to be a lot of posts online asking, "How do I create Block Quotes in Word 2007?" But, the answers I've found are either useless, confusing, or both. It turns out to be a lot easier than anyone wants to explain. I thought I'd do it . . . read more Feedback 1

Excel 2007 remains open after clicking X

When you work on a workbook in Excel 2007, then click the "Red X " (which is really a red BOX with a WHITE "X" but most of us call it the "Red X" anyway), Excel remains open and you have to click the " X " again to close the program. . . . read more Feedback

Open .pages file in Windows or without Mac Pages!

I encountered a few .pages files that were created on a Mac. I am using a PC and my MacBook doesn't have Pages on it, so I was a bit stumped as to what to do (short of asking the author to export them as PDF). Instead, here is a . . . read more Feedback

User's extension rings when trying to page NEC IPK-II

We've had several occasions where a user's phone will no longer allow us to page the extension directly.  And direct dialing from the internal system just caused the phone to ring and go directly to voicemail.  Here are a . . . read more Feedback

Awesome Links for Custom Install Disks

November 30, 2012

I really enjoy deployment in the enterprise environment and also making the perfect Install disk for my home computers. I don't like wasting time with installation. I want to start it up and walk away. Links  With all MS . . . read more Feedback

Exchange Server Disaster Recovery Operations Guide

November 30, 2012

Here's another of my favorites for Exchange. It's the Exchange Server Disaster Recovery Operations Guide. I printed out the Word document and keep it handy. It is the bible of Exchange. . . . read more Feedback

Exmerge - the Forgotten Exchange Tool

November 30, 2012

Want to quickly backup individual mailboxes? Or perhaps you wish to copy mail from one mailbox to another? Here's a simple way. It's called Exmerge, and is perhaps one of the most useful tools for Exchange that can be found. I've provided a . . . read more Feedback

IP Address range Calculator

November 30, 2012

Need a quick way to find the IP address range for a network? There is an online calculator here: http://www.csgnetwork.com/ipinfocalc.html You enter any address on the network, then input the subnet mask, tell the page . . . read more Feedback

ISA Firewall and FTP

November 30, 2012

Many of you might be having problems with ftp (state Nessus scan upload) and ISA. This is a definite issue in ISA 2004. You may login into an ftp site successfully, but then receive an error or just not upload. The windows error looks like . . . read more Feedback

Remote Shutdown

November 30, 2012

I thought I had lost my old friend shutdown.exe that I found on one of the old Resource Kits, but found out I hadn't and with Windows Server 2003, it's included. I loved the ability to reboot computers when I was out of the office and of . . . read more Feedback

School D.A.T.A. - Audit Script

November 30, 2012

Here's the link to the DIS Audit Script ftp://disftp.state.ar.us/pub/SchoolDATAdocs . I used Group Policy to push it out and modified the script under Seection B to mapp the drive first since it didn't care for UNC paths... . . . read more Feedback

Specops Gpupdate

November 30, 2012

Here is a little ditty that I found about a year ago to help with remote restarts, shutdowns, and Wake-on-LAN startups. It also will do remote gpupdates. The best thing about this program is that it integrates with your existing MMC's that . . . read more Feedback

Want to change your Exchange SMTP Greeting?

November 30, 2012

Microsoft Exchange SMTP server identifies itself to the remote server when it contacts remote servers. This has been a tried and true way for years to identify which server the message originates. However, it is easily forged and subject . . . read more Feedback

apt-get -f install Error

When you try to update some of the software on your EeePC, you may run into an error telling you to run the following command: apt-get -f install. The problem is that your user account does not have the "rights" to run that . . . read more Feedback 1

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