Curriculum & Assessment

ACSIP Support

SWAEC offers ACSIP support in the following ways:

  •     Our specialist work with school personnel to integrate student achievement and school level data that is available for use in building their plans.
  •     Specialists also support school staff to provide professional development and support to effectively implement the plan.
  •     Schools routinely contact SWAEC specialists for access to the most current and cutting edge research to embed in their document.

Data Disaggregation Training

SWAEC staff provides school teams training on interpreting their data (including formative, interim and summative).  SWAEC data specialists lead the teams to collaboratively study their school or district's data.  Leadership teams work together through a guided structured process to discover their data patterns, pose hypotheses, and see how this data can drive their ACSIP.  Our goals is for this not to be a single event, but an annual process that takes unique direction each year based on the data analyzed and the dynamics of the team.