SWAEC Technology Services encompasses a multitude of services provided to our ten member districts and serving the entire state. The Technology program covers professional development, technical support, and assistance with distance learning.


David Henderson
Technology - Contact

Professional development on a variety of topics includes (but not limited to):

  •     Technology Integration Strategies
  •     Internet-based Educational Portals (ArkansasIDEAS, Arkansas iTunesU, etc)
  •     Thinkfinity
  •     Educational & Productivity Software Titles
  •     Web Design
  •     Handheld Computers
  •     Moodle
  •     Technology Planning
  •     Searching and Researching on the Internet
  •     Digital Photography
  •     Blogs, Wikis and Podcasts
  •     Web Tools for Educators
  •     Interactive Whiteboard Technologies
  •     E-Rate

Basic-level technical support is provided for the following areas:

  •     Network design, planning, and implementation
  •     Wireless networking
  •     Server administration in Microsoft and Netware environments
  •     Group policies and domain administration
  •     Network troubleshooting via Etherscope and other devices
  •     Desktop support: hardware, software, peripherals
  •     Mobile device support, implementation, integration
  •     E-Rate policies, procedures, deadlines, and filing assistance
  •     Disaster recovery and Continuity of Operations

Distance Learning assistance is provided in (but not limited to) the following ways:

  •     Technical support related to connectivity
  •     Troubleshooting equipment issues
  •     Research and purchase of replacement compressed interactive video equipment (Cisco/Tandberg, Polycom, etc)
  •     Assist in locating, scheduling, and participating in interactive virtual field trips
  •     Work with providers and schools during scheduling, for troubleshooting, and classroom communication


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IT Security Policies
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